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Travis Industries Fireplace in San Bernardino, CA

Discover the exceptional quality and design of Travis industries fireplace for your home in San Bernardino, California.

When You Need Travis Industries Fireplace Maintenance or Repair Services in San Bernardino, California, Our Travis Industries Fireplace Specialists Are Ready to Help You. Our Professional Travis Industries Fireplace Crew Provides Cheap and Reliable Travis Industries Fireplace Maintenance Solutions.

Travis Industries is a prominent fireplace company in San Bernardino, California, providing an extensive range of superior fireplaces to complement all types of homes and styles. Our professionals have over 40 years of experience in the Fireplace Industry, and they can design, build, and maintain gas, wood, and pellet fireplaces that will enhance the warmth, ambiance, and overall value of your home. We can assist you in selecting the ideal fireplace to suit your needs and budget because we sell premium brands like Heatilator, Majestic, and Empire. Make an appointment at our showroom right now to talk about your fireplace makeover and receive a complimentary in-home consultation and estimate from one of our certified experts.

Travis Industries Fireplace San Bernardino - CA

Travis Industries Fireplace Installation and Replacement in San Bernardino, CA

Travis Industries offers dependable expert fireplace installation and replacement services. You can be sure that your new fireplace will be professionally fitted in accordance with manufacturer specifications and operate securely and effectively for many years when you work with our skilled installation team. In addition to insert replacements, we also do complete fireplace installations.

Travis Industries Fireplace Repair and Maintenance in San Bernardino, CA

Travis Industries can provide repair and maintenance to keep your fireplace operating at peak efficiency. Gas, wood, pellet, and insert fireplaces may all be serviced and repaired by our NFI-certified professionals. In order to identify minor problems before they become costly repairs, we provide yearly maintenance. We can restore the safe and effective operation of your fireplace with Chimney Animal Removal and component replacements.

Travis Industries Steel Wood Fireplace Insert Repair in San Bernardino, CA

Does your steel wood fireplace insert need repairs? Travis Industries is the trusted name for steel fireplace insert repair in San Bernardino, CA. As an authorized service provider for brands like Heatilator, Empire, and Majestic, we are fully equipped and factory trained to service all steel fireplace insert models. Our technicians can repair issues like cracked fireboxes, damaged doors or glass, faulty dampers, and more. We will thoroughly inspect your insert, determine the source of the problem, and expertly complete any necessary repairs to restore safe and efficient operation. Contact us today to schedule your steel fireplace insert repair.

Travis Industries Fireplace Services Experts in San Bernardino, California

Travis Industries has been San Bernardino, California's top supplier of fireplace services for more than 40 years. Our NFI-certified experts are completely insured and licensed, and they keep up with the most recent advancements in Fireplace Technology and codes. Whether you're in need of new fireplace installation, routine maintenance for your current unit, or repairs for problems like broken fireboxes or malfunctioning gas valves, we have the knowledge and experience to perform any task effectively and professionally. Travis Industries is the top authority on fireplaces in the region, so you can rely on them to do any job to the best possible standards.

Travis Industries Radiant plus Steel Fireplace Insert Replacement in San Bernardino, CA

Is the steel fireplace insert from Radiant Plus no longer working properly in your old fireplace? Travis Industries can offer a like-for-like replacement to get the heating in your house working again. We carry the whole array of premium Radiant Plus inserts from Heatilator as we are an authorized installation for them. Our NFI-certified specialists will take out your old unit, examine the chimney, install the new insert, and fine-tune the damper in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Additionally, we'll demonstrate how to use your new insert sensibly and securely. Travis Industries' Radiant Plus replacement will provide you with many more years of comfortable warmth from this dependable fireplace brand.

Travis Industries Single-Sided Gas Fireplace Restoration in San Bernardino, CA

Is there damage to your single-sided gas fireplace or is it not working properly? It can be brought back to like-new condition by Travis Industries. We will do a comprehensive examination of your fireplace, detect any problems such as Broken Glass, malfunctioning gas valves or controls, and carry out any required repairs with original equipment manufacturer components. Our mission is to restore your fireplace to peak operating condition so you may enjoy its ambience and effectiveness once more.

Travis Industries Linear Gas Fireplace Installation in San Bernardino, California

Add elegance and ambiance to your home with a linear gas fireplace installation by Travis Industries. As an authorized dealer of Superior brand fireplaces, we can help you select the perfect linear gas fireplace for your decor from a variety of sizes, finishes and fuel options. Our NFI-certified technicians will then expertly install your new fireplace, train you on safe operation, and ensure you maximize its good looks and performance for many years.

Travis Industries Linear Gas Fireplace Installation in San Bernardino, California

Travis Industries Linear Wood Fireplace Insert Inspection in San Bernardino, CA

Travis Industries advises having your linear wood fireplace insert inspected once a year for efficiency and safety. Being the top supplier of fireplace services in San Bernardino, CA, we have everything we need to thoroughly examine your linear wood insert and find any possible problems. Our NFI-certified personnel will do a Comprehensive Inspection of parts such as the chimney connection, baffle plates, and firebox. In addition, we'll clean your unit and make sure everything complies with code. Travis Industries inspections provide you with the assurance that your linear wood fireplace insert will heat your house affordably and safely for another season. Deferred maintenance might result in expensive repairs; get your inspection now to avoid the risk.

Travis Industries Gas Fireplace Repair Solutions in San Bernardino, California

When your gas fireplace isn't working properly, turn to the experts at Travis Industries. As an authorized service provider, we are fully trained to diagnose and repair all gas fireplace brands like Heatilator, Empire, and Majestic. Our NFI-certified technicians can handle any job, from faulty thermopiles and gas valves to cracked fireboxes and broken pilot assemblies. We will quickly identify the problem, explain your repair options, and expertly complete the work to factory standards. You can trust Travis Industries to get your gas fireplace operating safely and efficiently again using original equipment manufacturer parts for maximum performance and reliability.

Travis Industries Wood Burning Fireplace Rebuilding in San Bernardino, CA

Is your wood burning fireplace in need of a complete rebuild? Travis Industries is the premier choice for fireplace rebuilding in San Bernardino, California. We will remove your existing fireplace and carefully rebuild it from the ground up using only the highest quality materials like custom stone, refractory cement, and steel components. Our Expert Masons and technicians will reline the chimney, install a new damper and hearth, and craft a beautiful new firebox tailored to your home's style. When we are finished, your wood burning fireplace will be fully restored to like-new condition and ready to warm your home safely and efficiently for many more years.

Travis Industries Elite Fireplace Inspection and Maintenance in San Bernardino, CA

Travis Industries' yearly maintenance keeps your Elite fireplace operating at peak efficiency. We are manufacturer trained to service all Elite models as an approved service provider. Glass gaskets, damper function, and refractory lining are among the components that are inspected. Additionally, we'll clean and vacuum your whole fireplace. Efficiency and safety both depend on routine maintenance. Put your trust in Travis Industries to maintain the excellence of your Elite fireplace.

Travis Industries Elite Fireplace Inspection and Maintenance in San Bernardino, California

Cost of Travis Industries Fireplace Services in San Bernardino, California

Have questions concerning Travis Industries' fireplace services costs? We have the most experience of any supplier in San Bernardino, California, and our prices are clear. Cost is determined by variables including fuel type, size of fireplace, and extent of labor. Get in touch with us for a free estimate; we'll create a Personalized Price and provide up-front pricing information. With fully licensed, insured, and NFI-certified professionals, you can be sure you're receiving great value.

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